Comedian Dude Dad's Funny Take on His Wife on Every Snow Day

Comedian Dude Dad's Funny Take on His Wife on Every Snow Day

Snow days–moms have a love-loathe relationship on the days when school is canceled. 

So, comedian Taylor Calmus decided to do a funny take of his wife on every snow day. Having little ones is a big chore. There’s the never-ending laundry, snacks, keeping backpacks organized, and so much more. It’s a mixture of blessings, joy, exasperation, and downright exhaustion. 

But snow days often mean no schedules, no worrying about getting the kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door for school. It also means movies, playing, making cookies, and building snowmen. Sometimes it includes chaos because everyone in the household is out of their usual routine. 

Because snow days often mean a mixed barrel of attitudes for moms, Taylor decided to poke a little fun at his wife. The video is gut-busting funny because he nailed it regarding how moms feel on snow days. 

At first, it’s magical. We have so many ideas of how to spend time together, like making cookies and doing crafts, but then we get a little ahead of ourselves and opt for the safer option of just watching a family movie. 

But sitting down and doing nothing makes some moms feel guilt of not being productive. So we attempt dishes and laundry. Ultimately, Taylor’s wife falls asleep in a pile of laundry, only to awake in a cave of unfolded laundry, kid chaos mixed with Oreo crumbs, and the cookies she made with their ‘secret family recipe’  that were burnt for the second time! 

His wife decides she needs to get out for a breath of fresh air before she has a breakdown and heads to the coffee shop for a precious Pumpkin Spice Latte until she realizes she can’t find her phone. The depiction of what moms deal with on snow days is entirely accurate and gut-busting funny. 

Dude Dad, Taylor Culmus, has been making comical videos for years on fatherhood, DIY household projects, and a little of everything in between. What sets him apart from other content creators is how hilarious and spot on he is regarding family and fatherhood. 

Thank the good Lord for creating laughter and allowing us to laugh at the situations we find ourselves in. We hope you enjoyed this comical video–especially if you’re having a snow day with littles!

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