Holderness Family Shares Difference in Christmas with Teens vs Babies

Holderness Family Shares Difference in Christmas with Teens vs Babies

In this funny video, the Holderness family shares the difference between Christmas with teenagers and with babies. I’m sure many parents can relate!

“Thanks for being here!” writes the Holderness family in the caption of their YouTube video. “We’re Kim and Penn Holderness of The Holderness Family. We create original music, song parodies, and skits to poke fun of ourselves, the world we live in, and (hopefully) make you laugh.”

At the start of the video, Kim is showing the difference between what type of gifts you can expect your kids to be interested in depending on if they are a baby or a teen. For babies, Kim suggests just wrapping up an empty box with remotes inside since that is all that babies like to play with. But then for teens, Kim is viewing an extensive PowerPoint presentation that her teen created with links to all the expensive gifts that they want.

Later in the video, the time difference that Christmas starts is highlighted. With toddlers, Kim and Penn are woken up while it is still dark outside, and they are done opening presents by 6am. But when it comes to teens, they get to sleep in since Christmas morning starts much later for them.

“I feel so rested. Merry Christmas to me!” says Kim as she peacefully wakes up in bed. “Hey kids, it’s Christmas,” says Penn as he goes to wake up his teenagers. “Honey, they’re both sleeping!”

Many people online shared how relatable this video was when comparing their Christmases from when their kids were little to when they were teens.

“Haha, this is so accurate,” comments one person online. “Especially being woken up near the crack of dawn when they're younger to look at presents, but getting to lie in for longer once they're teens.”

“I can't lie, I enjoy Christmas with teens better, but when they’re babies it just feels a bit more magical because of their awe,” writes another person on YouTube.

We hope that this funny video by the Holderness family was able to make you smile today!

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