'Emmanuel God With Us' Chris Tomlin And Anne Wilson Christmas Duet

'Emmanuel God With Us' Chris Tomlin And Anne Wilson Christmas Duet

Listen to this great Christmas song called ‘Emmanuel God With Us’ by Chris Tomlin and featuring Anne Wilson.

“Go tell it on the mountain, the one that we’ve been waiting for, the king of our salvation
Born on this day our savior Christ the Lord, go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere, that we can be forgiven, the weight of all our sin
He came to bear, Emmanuel, God with us, Emmanuel, King Jesus
The Savior of the world is born, Emmanuel, God with us
Emmanuel, King Jesus, the Savior of the world is born”

What a beautiful song that is a great reminder of the incredible gift we were given in Jesus – the Savior of the world. 

“This song is all about the earth-shattering announcement of Emmanuel … the birth of our savior … God with us,” Chris Tomlin shared. “The song just started with ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ just sung in a different way. That then led us into this whole idea of this song of what Christmas really is. Obviously it’s the announcement of Jesus but also the announcement to the world, to continue sharing that what Jesus came to do.”

Anne Wilson shared her feelings about the song and what it meant to her to work with Chris Tomlin for the recording. “I am so honored to be a part of this song. ‘Emmanuel God With Us’ is a beautiful reminder of the powerful king we have the honor of serving,” said Anne. “The beauty in the manger and our savior and Lord. Chris Tomlin has always been a huge influence in my life, so it is truly such a joy to be featured on this song. I pray you experience the peace and joy that only Jesus can bring you through ‘Emmanuel.’ ”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Emmanuel God With Us’ today!

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