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‘The Shepherd’ Disney Christmas Film Based on Best-Selling Novel

‘The Shepherd’ Disney Christmas Film Based on Best-Selling Novel

“The Shepherd,” the beloved story about a Royal Air Force pilot during a routine, solo flight headed home for Christmas that goes haywire, has been made into a short film and makes its landing on Disney+.

As everyone knows, life is not always a pleasant or enjoyable experience. Sure, happy and joyous occasions, causes for celebration, do occur. But hardships and trials do not skip over anyone, coming to all at one time or another. 

A new short film, “The Shepherd,” based on the novel written by Frederick Forsyth, is the story of a young man, a pilot in Britain's Royal Air Force, during Christmastime. The young man, hoping to go home for the December holiday to spend time with his loved ones, gets approval from his commanding officer to fly a mission over the North Sea. He is going home for Christmas!

But, as the film’s trailer shows, things do not go according to plan during his solo mission. In fact, he quickly finds himself in a position where his very life hangs in the balance. 

Not too soon after takeoff, his plane has multiple, vital components that cease working. He’s left without power and fuel. His desperate pleas for help go unheard. 

“Why won’t somebody listen to me,” the young pilot says through tears.

Barring a miracle, the young man is headed for a certain and likely painful death. However, before his plane comes back to the ground, likely in a fiery crash, the pilot reaches out to the Lord for someone, anyone to help him.

“Lord, please send someone to lead me down,” the pilot asks.

Before the trailer ends, it appears the Lord has answered the young man’s desperate plea for help.

A mysterious figure – a pilot played by John Travolta – appears from out of nowhere and gives the frightened pilot a look and a slight head nod. 

“The Shepherd,” rated PG, lands on Disney+ on Dec. 1.

Matthew 19:26 “And Jesus, looking at them, said, ‘With men, this is not possible, but with God all things are possible.’”

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