Carol Burnett And Tim Conway Star In Funny Soap Opera Sketch

Carol Burnett And Tim Conway Star In Funny Soap Opera Sketch

Two comedic legends, Carol Burnett and Tim Conway, bring the laughs once again as they star in yet another hilarious skit from the beloved and classic Carol Burnett Show.

Soap operas are, for some reason, a television staple. Despite the terrible, over-the-top acting and the horrible writing, a segment of the population still faithfully watches them. Given the bad acting and poor writing, soap operas are easy and obvious targets for mockery and ridicule.

In a clip posted on YouTube, The Carol Burnett Show took aim at soap operas, mocking everything that makes those awful, over-the-top television programs memorable. Carol, Tim and even Harvey Korman appear in their faux soap opera, “As the Stomach Turns.” 

The hysterical skit begins with Carol sitting at a table pouring herself a cup of tea while a man provides a voice-over, giving viewers a recap about what happened since the last episode of “As the Stomach Turns.” Seconds into the skit, Tim, dressed as an elderly man, makes his slow, steady and uproarious entrance into the room. 

Eventually, after much effort, Tim sits down in a chair. Carol and Tim have a difficult discussion. She informs him that he’s being placed in a nursing home. He doesn’t accept the news well and attempts to “run” away. But don’t worry, he doesn’t get too far!

Vicki Lawrence enters the room as the “teenage temptress” and throws a wrench into everything. Soon enough, she becomes the object of desire for every man in “As the Stomach Turns,” even Tim’s elderly, 91-year-old character.

The entire sketch is absolutely fantastic, providing audiences with a ton of laughs. At one point, Carol and Harvey break character, unable to contain their laughter at Tim’s insane and hilarious antics.

But the highlight of the entire 14-minute skit is likely Tim’s slow-motion fall down the stairs. Much like The Carol Burnett Show, Tim’s “fall” is hysterical!

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