92-Year-Old Is Oldest Person To Hike the Grand Canyon

92-Year-Old Is Oldest Person To Hike the Grand Canyon

A man in his 90s accomplished a stunning feat, setting the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to hike the Grand Canyon.

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Alfredo Aliaga Burdio, from Spain, walked the 24-mile hike from rim to rim in less than a day’s time, according to the clip posted on YouTube. The clip mentions that the 20-plus mile hike took Alfredo 21 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

The video captures Alfredo finishing his world-record-setting hike, leading his crew, as they are met with cheers and applause. 

“We did it!” Alfredo exclaims after completing the hike. 

Later in the clip, Alfredo expressed his feelings about the hike and the difficulties of walking the Grand Canyon.

“I am happy I am here because it was not easy,” he said. 

To prepare for his record-setting walk in one of the United States’ most visited national parks, Alfredo trained. The video’s description states that leading up to his walk, the 92-year-old would hike eight miles a day. 

But this isn’t the first hike for Alfredo. Hiking was an activity that Alfredo enjoyed doing with his late wife. The 92-year-old mentioned that he has enjoyed hikes all over the world. 

What an amazing accomplishment, Alfredo! 

There are a lot of people half Alfredo’s age who would not be able to walk 24 miles in the Grand Canyon. 

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