‘Heart of Invictus’ Series Follows Service Members With Life-Changing Injuries As They Compete

‘Heart of Invictus’ Series Follows Service Members With Life-Changing Injuries As They Compete

A new documentary series on Netflix, “Heart of Invictus,” focuses on the journey of service members who have experienced devastating, life-changing injuries as they compete against one another in the Invictus Games.

In the United States and in countries around the world, men and women serve their country’s armed forces with distinction and honor. However, often those many conflicts leave men and women with serious and life-altering injuries. Not only physical injuries, but those service members can sustain serious psychological and emotional scars. 

A trailer posted on YouTube gives viewers a look at several badly injured service members in the Netflix series “Heart of Invictus.” 

According to the video’s description, the series will “follow a group of competitors” who are “from around the globe” and “service members who have experienced life-changing injuries or illnesses” as they make their way to the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry, also a series executive producer, appears throughout the trailer. He explains that the Invictus Games is about much more than competition and winning races or games.

“The games doesn’t focus on what causes the injury, but really about the recovery and how to be a part of a community again,” Prince Harry says.

Also, throughout the trailer, several of the competitors mention the pain and anguish they experienced following their injuries received during combat.

“When I was a soldier, that meant the world to me,” one man says. “Once I was wounded, how do you define yourself then?”

The clip ends with Prince Harry on stage telling those competing in the games that they have already achieved their goals, despite what they may think or believe.

“You are people of substance, of resilience, of strength,” Prince Harry says. “You have the heart of Invictus.”

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not given you your orders? Take heart and be strong; have no fear and do not be troubled; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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