Police Officer Heroically Catches Children Dropped From Burning House

A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy is a hero after he caught and rescued two children who were dropped from a house engulfed in flames.

Law enforcement members experience stressful, dangerous and deadly situations on a regular basis. The decisions and actions of police officers and deputies during those tense, nerve-racking moments can be the difference between life and death. 

One sheriff’s deputy in Minnesota, Thomas Roble, experienced one of those anxiety-filled and panic-stricken instances when he was the first person on the scene of a house fire. Thomas’ heroic actions saved the lives of a family of four, which included two young children. 

In the clip posted on YouTube, the deputy sprints to the house on fire, where four people – the DeLange family – are trapped inside the burning structure. Once the deputy gets to the house, he learns that the mother and father are near a second-floor window with their two children. 

With little time remaining and their options for escaping the structure severely limited, Deputy Thomas Roble tells Mom and Dad to let go of the children and drop them to him. 

The deputy catches the 1-year-old boy, and the 3-year-old girl and then moves them to safety, as the video shows. The children suffered only minor injuries, just some smoke inhalation.

Mom and Dad, with no other way to get out, were forced to jump from the second-story window. Mom suffered a broken back, and Dad broke a vertebra as a result of their jump, but everyone is still alive.

We can’t thank him [the deputy] enough,” Dad said. “You know, if he hadn’t shown up when he did, we probably wouldn’t have made it.”

“We were told we had seconds left,” mom said. 

That deputy’s heroic and quick-thinking actions saved the lives of that family of four. He saved the young children from suffering devastating and possibly deadly injuries. 

Philippians 2:4 “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.” 

Source: Inside Edition

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