'Letter From Heaven' Tim McGraw Lyric Video

'Letter From Heaven' Tim McGraw Lyric Video

Listen to Tim McGraw’s touching new song called ‘Letter From Heaven.’

“The things you need to stay alive, aren’t the things you need to live, give 10% to little smiles,
You’ll get back what you give, and I know that it sounds crazy to try hot sauce on your PB&J
Have you ever thought, just maybe, to change the name of worry to pray? Today I got
A letter from Heaven, cleanin' out my Mamaw's house. I just smiled while I read it” 

What a great country song that may even make you tear up a bit! It is one of the tracks on Tim McGraw’s new album titled Standing Room Only, and he shared that it even makes him emotional.

“There are a couple of really life-affirming songs that I can’t wait for everybody to hear,” he says about his new album. “One called ‘Letter From Heaven’ that really just tears me up every time I hear it. You’re gonna have to have a Kleenex for that one. But there are some fun songs too.”

Tim shared some thoughts about his new project and how he has been working on putting it together for a while.

“This album I’ve been working on, gosh, since COVID was going on. I had been collecting songs for a while, found some great songs that had a lot of meanings, a lot of depth to them,” he said.

“I think as an artist, if you’re not improving, if you’re not thinking you’re getting better every time you make a record, then maybe it’s time to quit. I think this record has some of the most emotional songs, some of the most thought-provoking songs, and life-affirming songs that I’ve ever recorded. I’m excited for everyone to hear ’em because I just really think this is one of the best projects we’ve ever made.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the song ‘Letter From Heaven’ from his new album today! 

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