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Hilarious Carol Burnett Sketch About The Awkwardness Of Dating

Hilarious Carol Burnett Sketch About The Awkwardness Of Dating

The Carol Burnett Show, in another classic and hysterical sketch, shows how dating or attempting to meet someone can make for some awkward interactions. 

Marriage is a terrific institution created by God Himself. It’s a sacred promise made between two people who vow to remain with one another until death do them part. However, finding the right person – dating - can be more than a little difficult, weird and even unpleasant.

A laugh-out-loud skit from The Carol Burnett Show perfectly captures the nerves and awkwardness that often occur when trying to meet someone. The sketch features Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman as they, and a couple of friends, attempt to subtly signal their interest in one another without coming across as too eager or desperate. 

Unfortunately, instead of actually interacting and exchanging phone numbers, the situation turns into a failed but hilarious attempt at securing a date. 

The skit begins with Harvey and a buddy sitting at a bar. The two gentlemen survey the room, looking for possible dates. Viewers quickly learn that Harvey and his friend haven’t had much luck in the past but are committed to still giving it their best shot. But seconds into the clip, Harvey and his buddy’s luck might be about to change.

Carol, who appears terrified, and a female friend enter and quickly sit down at the bar. They are only a few feet away from the guys. Both instantly notice one another as Carol swiftly and hilariously spins around on her barstool to get a better look at the two gentlemen. 

“They’re cute!” Carol excitedly states. 

Harvey and his friend decide to make the first move. Both awkwardly strut their way over to the young women, hoping to strike up a conversation. They weirdly stand behind them and fail to even make eye contact with them, turning away in the opposite direction of the women every time. 

Next, it’s Carol’s turn to try and get the gentlemen’s attention. She stands up, throws off her jacket, and runs away. Harvey breaks character, trying to conceal his laughter following Carol’s hilarious move.

The rest of the skit is one monumentally horrific attempt at trying to get the other’s attention. However, in the end, there was no love connection. 

Genesis 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall join to his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

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