Willie Nelson’s Son Lukas Nelson Pens Emotional Song For Israel ‘Broken As It Was’

Willie Nelson’s Son Lukas Nelson Pens Emotional Song For Israel ‘Broken As It Was’

Lukas Nelson, the son of the legendary Willie Nelson, has written and performed a beautiful, touching original song in the wake of the attack and tragedy in the Middle East.

The Middle East has, throughout history, been a hot spot for war and terrorism. In early October, Israel was, once again, attacked. Families were needlessly torn apart as hundreds were killed in a terrorist attack on the Middle Eastern country. 

Just days after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Lukas Nelson posted a video on YouTube of himself singing and playing an original song of his, “Broken as It Was.” It’s a heart-wrenching and emotionally stirring tune about what had taken place following the attack on the state of Israel.

“Running for their lives
I watched them try 
To find a place to hide”

Later in the song, Lukas sings that while he watched the horrific images that were splashed all over the television and social media, his heart was broken and hurting for those impacted by the violence. He sings that even though his heart was hurting and broken for the Jewish people, he prayed out to God for His touch on the situation.

In the video’s description, Lukas details what motivated him to write and record “Broken as It Was.”

“Suffering is universal, and the killing of innocents is never justified,” he wrote. “It is unbearably sad how many innocent people on this planet (have) been made to suffer for the evil of others.”

He added that his song is “about empathy in the wake of this recent tragedy” and the “feeling of helplessness as we watch and pray with broken hearts.”

Lukas is 100 percent correct. The images and videos coming out of the Middle East are devastating and soul-crushing. Let us all pray that God protects those innocent people who are in harm’s way. 

2 Thessalonians 3:3 “But the Lord is true, who will give you strength and keep you safe from evil.”

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