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Powerful Youth Drama Set To ‘Everything’ By Lifehouse Reminds Us Of God’s Protection

Powerful Youth Drama Set To ‘Everything’ By Lifehouse Reminds Us Of God’s Protection

A short, but impactful drama shows how God is always at work, constantly guiding and protecting us even when we make choices and decisions that lead us down a path that can only end in destruction and death.

There are several ways to portray and convey the messages contained in the Bible to the masses. Likely, the ones that immediately come to mind are songs of worship and praise and a truth-filled message from the pulpit. But as one clip posted on YouTube perfectly demonstrates, those are far from the only methods of sharing the Bible’s message of love, forgiveness and redemption.

The short, 6-minute clip shows the seductive and destructive nature of sin and how quickly it can ruin and destroy lives. The handful of actors move about while the song “Everything” by the alternative rock band Lifehouse plays and essentially narrates the action on stage. 

The clip begins with a woman, dressed all in white, standing on the left side of the stage as a second figure, also donning all white, stands behind her. He is her protector and shield. 

But soon enough, she steps out and away from the love and protection of God. After being enticed by the allure and seductive nature of sin, she starts to make one wrong decision and choice after another. 

Little by little, the young woman is in a position she never imagined. Her life has been consumed and swallowed up by sin. She is totally lost. 

Near the end of the clip, the actors effectively portray the spiritual battle in our world today. Sin is literally pulling and tugging on her, desperately trying to keep its hold on her. But God, being ever faithful, loving and merciful, steps in and protects the woman. 

At the end of the clip, God, who constantly shows mercy and love to sinners, gives her a fresh robe of white.

1 John 5:18 “We know that whoever is born of God sins not; but he that is begotten of God keeps himself, and that wicked one touches him not.”

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