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‘Fancy Like Christmas’ Walker Hayes Holiday Remix

‘Fancy Like Christmas’ Walker Hayes Holiday Remix

A country singer, Walker Hayes, has reworked his massively popular hit single, “Fancy,” and gave it more of a Christmas sound and feel.

During any given visit to the local movie theater, one will likely find an assortment of sequels, prequels and superhero films playing. Similarly, spinoffs and reboots litter television and streaming platforms. The lesson here is, of course, that if something is financially successful once, Hollywood will continue to milk that formula for all its worth. 

Apparently, that type of thinking has now reached recording artists as well. Country music singer Walker Hayes had a massive hit with “Fancy” several years ago. At the time, the song was everywhere. It was on pop and country radio stations and even in commercials. 

Well, now Walker is back with another “Fancy” song. But instead of “bourbon street steak with an Oreo shake,” he’s going with eggnog and a fruit cake, opting for more of a festive, holiday feel. Yes, Walker Hayes is now “Fancy Like Christmas.”

Those even a little bit familiar with Walker’s original “Fancy” will instantly spot the identical sound in “Fancy Like Christmas.” He changed the lyrics some to include words describing activities and seasonal food items around the Christmas season.

“Yeah, we fancy like Christmas round a fake tree
Nutcracker on the mantle and a candy cane candle
Get your eggnog, witcha fruit cake
Go, Jesus, it’s your birthday”

Despite the nearly identical sound, Walker’s Christmas-themed tune seems to have found an audience. Several people commented on the YouTube link and mentioned how much they loved and adored this version.

“Walker Hayes is incredible!! He could sing the phone book and it would be a hit,” one person wrote.

“Move over Mariah Carey there’s a new song in town. Love it!” a second person added

“The new Christmas song that is going to be on repeat all day. Love it Walker. Plz (sic) make more,” another individual posted

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

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