Little Boy Goes Viral After Conversation With Dad In Heaven

Little Boy Goes Viral After Conversation With Dad In Heaven

Losing a parent is hard, especially for those who are very young, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. One comfort we have is that we can talk to God about our hurt and pain which is what this grieving son does. This little boy goes viral after a conversation with Dad in Heaven. 

Nicco Lipary, a seven-year-old lost his father in a motorcycle accident in January. His whole world came crumbling down with the loss of his father, Jeff. His big sister Jayda didn’t really know how to comfort her brother but that’s okay because Nicco seems to be a mini version of their dad and he’s wise beyond his years. 

One afternoon when he was really missing his dad, Nicco decided to call a family meeting. So, Jayda, their mom, and a few friends sat down with Nicco. His sister said Nicco instructed everyone to write down what they loved about their dad and what they missed about him. As they wrote down comments, they drew pictures too. 

After he got everything ready, Nicco prayed to God and had a conversation with his Daddy too. It was as if his father was in the room, “Hey Dad, how is heaven. Is it good? Is it bad? Please don’t tell me it’s bad.” He then added, “I hope you’re best friends with God. We love you, Dad.” And as he was thinking about all the ways Jeff was a good man, Nicco said, “You would give anything to a homeless person. We love you. You would do anything for us.” 

When Jayda commented that her little brother believes their dad is best friends with God. Nicco confirmed it with a strong healthy dose of faith, “He really is. Trust me.” Perhaps the most touching part of this clip is how well-loved Nicco and Jayda both felt from their father. 

Even though Jeff has passed on, his love will carry his children through the hardest moments until they are all one day reunited with Jesus by their sides. And then Nicco can not only find out how good heaven is but have a face-to-face conversation with both his daddy and his heavenly father too. 

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

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