'Gold' Ellie Holcomb Featuring Carly Bannister

'Gold' Ellie Holcomb Featuring Carly Bannister

Check out this beautiful song called ‘Gold’ by Ellie Holcomb and featuring Carly Bannister.

“You were a quiet boy growing up in the heart of Texas, you had a quiet father too
He built the car you drove, it was a '69 and '70 Mustang, he took two halves of broken cars
And made 'em new, you sat there in the garage, there was oil on his hands
He didn't tell you much, so I hope you understand, that you are wonderful, you are kind
You are patient, you are humble, and you are wise, you don't see it with your own eyes
But you are gold to me and I love the way you shinе”

In the music video, Ellie is singing on the floor and playing her guitar with pillows and candles around her. The heartwarming song is moving and the lyrics are so beautiful.

The song ‘Gold’ is actually a tender tribute to Ellie’s father’s story, and it features harmonies from her four siblings.

“The journey that the lyrics of this song take you on is...I don't know what to say...it's so amazing!” comments one person online after watching the music video.

“That was precious. I've not heard many songs that uplift a son, so this is really nice. They are so tender,” writes another person on YouTube.

The song ‘Gold’ is part of Ellie’s new album titled Canyon. And although many songs on Canyon “explore the presence of God in the valley, there are also songs that boast of the redemption found on the mountaintop.”

“In some ways, the deeper the pain, the more powerful the healing,” shares Ellie. “The darker the night, the brighter the light shines. The wider the canyon of ache that splits our hearts in two, the more space for love to move in and fill up what’s been emptied out, to bind up our broken hearts and remind us that suffering never gets the final word, even though it shapes us.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this beautiful song by Ellie Holcomb today!

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