Goat And Rooster Run To Save Chicken From Hawk Attack

Goat And Rooster Run To Save Chicken From Hawk Attack

Watch the incredible moment when a goat and rooster teamed up to save a chicken from a hawk attack — all caught on camera!

As humans, we can’t stop the natural order of the food chain. Everyone’s chickens, ducks, and other livestock could become a predator’s next meal. But there might be something that can save a small bird’s life. This hawk may have just messed with the wrong farm.

Apparently, the animals on Jaap Beets’ farm in the Netherlands have a pretty strong bond. They spend 24/7 together and probably get into some pretty deep animal conversations. It’s no surprise that when one grazing chicken found itself facing life or death, two of her buddies ran over to help.

In the video, you can see the lone chicken hanging out in the middle of some fenced-in grass when a hawk swoops in out of no where. Since Jaap was working in the farmhouse nearby, he couldn’t get to his animals quick enough when he heard the screeching.

Thank goodness a rooster came running over to defend his friend because her feathers were already flying all over the place seconds after the hawk arrived. The rooster clearly did his best to fend off the scary hawk, but another animal pal knew they needed more help.

From another corner, this goat charged toward the commotion. And what do goats do? They head-butt things! So the goat sped over with the attitude of a super hero and started to headbutt the hawk while the rooster probably used its talons and beak.

The impressive teamwork forced the hawk to give up and let the chicken go.

Jaap watched the 17-second fight on his security footage and saw his animals come together to fight off the intruder. Along with the clip, he shared that the chicken made it out with minor injuries and quickly recovered.

Animals never cease to amaze me!

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