Young Man Sings Timeless Classic 'House Of The Rising Sun' For Blind Audition

Young Man Sings Timeless Classic 'House Of The Rising Sun' For Blind Audition

Listen to this young man sing a timeless classic for his blind audition — he puts his own twist on ‘House of the Rising Sun.’

On a recent audition episode of The Voice, Jack Rogan, an 18-year-old college student from New York, wowed the judges and audience with his unique voice. It’s hard to believe that a voice that sounds so mature could come from someone so young! He also accompanied himself on guitar. Not many contestants choose to do that!

Before Jack could even finish the famous first line of the song, he had hooked John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, and they turned their chairs with no hesitation. Great choice! You could tell that Ariana Grande kept going back and forth on whether or not to push her button. Afterwards, she said that she was waiting to be moved a little more but would listen to an album or concert of his.

While Kelly and John gave their pitches to Jack to persuade him on which coach to choose, Jack shared that he was home-schooled, graduated early, and was already a sophomore in college. It’s inspiring that he’s dedicating himself to his education and still chasing his dreams!

Both the judges endlessly complimented the tone of his voice. Kelly even compared the unique sound to legends like Johnny Cash and Chris Stapleton! In the end, Jack chose to work with John Legend. But really, there wasn’t a wrong choice!

Jack’s song choice, ‘House of the Rising Sun’ was originally a traditional folk song without an exact origin. The lyrics were published a few different times with a little variation in the early 1900s.

In 1964, ‘The Animals,’ a popular rock band, released their folk-rock recording and introduced the tune to the music charts. It’s considered by some to be the first “folk-rock hit.” Endless musicians have performed and recorded covers, and the song seems to be a quite popular choice for singing show auditions.

Even though it’s been sung by so many talented artists, Jack definitely added a little something special to it with his incredible voice.

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