'The Anchor' Crowder Acoustic Performance

Worship along as Crowder performs an acoustic rendition of his single, ‘Anchor.’ This inspiring tune to the perfect reminder that our strength rests in the arms of the Lord.

“There's an anchor in the rage of the storm
When the walls are closing in, in the darkness all alone
Just praying for the daylight, peace for the soul
There is grace for the morning when you feel like letting go”

Crowder is one of the most famous names in modern day worship music. Also known as, David Crowder, you may recognize him for the hit Christian anthems “How He Loves” and “O Praise Him.” Since launching his solo career in 2012, Crowder has released four full-length albums and continues to use his God-given talents to lead us in worship.

Today, he is at New Song Cafe for a special performance of his latest song, ‘Anchor.’ And after this spirit-filled performance, hear the story behind the words and how to play this song on your own, at home. 

“There's an anchor holding time in His hands 
A Rock you can stand on, mercy without end 
Love that's eternal that bore all our sin 
A King that is coming, The Great I AM”

There are times in our lives when each of us feels weak or that they cannot carry on. These are the moments where it is so important to turn your eyes to Jesus and let Him shoulder the burden. 

Let His strength run through you and there will be no obstacle too big to face. 

Isaiah 33:2 “O LORD, be gracious to us; we have waited for you: be you their arm every morning, our salvation also in the time of trouble.”


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