Kind Man Nurses Hurt Baby Hummingbird Back To Health

Kind Man Nurses Hurt Baby Hummingbird Back To Health

Watch this sweet video of a kind man nursing a hurt baby hummingbird back to health. What a compassionate heart he has!

“I saw this little lump on the sidewalk. I realized she was a baby. She didn’t know how to fly,” he says in the video.

“Now tell me this isn’t precious right here,” the man says as he shows how he started to feed the baby hummingbird with a small syringe. “Here you go. Want some more?” he calmly says to the little bird. “Don’t be scared. It’s Ok. Don’t be scared.”

The baby hummingbird was malnourished, and the man continued to care for her to nurse her back to health. The man also made a makeshift perch for the bird with a popsicle stick and duct-tape. 

At first, the hummingbird was unable to fly. So, the sweet man tried to help her and encourage her in order to gain that skill.

“She just needed a boost in confidence, or she needed to get stronger to fly. And I think it was a little bit of both,” he shares.

“Come one, you can do it,” the man says to the little bird. “You’re working up the courage. Come on!”

Once the man realized that the hummingbird was motivated by her food, he was able to use that knowledge to help her fly for longer periods of time.

“It was like watching a baby take their first steps. There’s something almost magical about that,” the man shares.

It wasn’t long before the baby hummingbird was flying around and finally had the strength and confidence to survive on her own.

“I was able to take a small, little delicate creature and nurse them back to health. And get them strong enough so they can go out into the world on their own,” he says.

Once the baby hummingbird was released back into the wild, the man shared how it felt to see her go. “She went straight to her food source. That gave me a lot of relief and security in the fact that she’s going to be Ok.”

What a sweet man to nurse this small creature back to health!

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