Christian Artist Lauren Daigle Wants To Bring Hope Through Her Music

Christian Artist Lauren Daigle Wants To Bring Hope Through Her Music

Check out this video of Christian music artist Lauren Daigle sharing how she wants to bring hope through her music.

“Singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle said she struggled to talk about hope during a concert that turned into a prayer vigil after a fatal school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives,” reads the caption of the YouTube video. “But the Grammy-winning artist wants people to find hope and a conviction to make the world a better place through her music.”

Lauren Daigle has such fond memories of New Orleans from her childhood, and she shares a little about them at the start of this video.

“I love New Orleans to the core. Being raised in that environment, I was always hearing brass instruments, I was always hearing jazz intonations with vocalists. And people on the streets can sing like Grammy award-winning singers, it’s wild. I feel like paying homage to that and paying homage to what really fueled me as a child. I remember going to New Orleans and thinkin, ‘This is the place of dreams.’”

Then Lauren Daigle touches on a prayer vigil that happened at one of her recent concerts and her feelings around that time.

“That night at the prayer vigil, it was actually really hard for me to talk about hope. I feel like this shook me pretty deep,” she says, talking about the recent school shooting in Nashville. “People always say, ‘What is the legacy? What is the purpose of doing what you do?’ And I say, hands down, ‘To give hope to the world.’

The video ends with Lauren sharing about how we need to make the world a better place through our actions. “We’ve got to live out these words that we’re preaching. We’ve got to stand with this conviction and know at the end of the day, how are we going to unify? 

How are we going to stand together on things? How are we going to stop the chaos that’s all around? What are the things that we’re going to do that are actually going to improve the world?”

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