‘Somebody to Love’ by Jacob Collier an Audience Choir

‘Somebody to Love’ by Jacob Collier  an Audience Choir

The band Queen has some of the most distinct and recognizable songs. Queen's unmistakable and well-defined sound can be spotted from a mile away. One musician had an entire audience singing along with him to one of the band’s classic hits.

In a video posted to YouTube, Jacob Collier, while performing in Lisbon, Portugal, played the Queen tune, “Somebody to Love.” However, he wasn’t the only one who joined in on the cover. He had a little help from hundreds of other people.

The clip begins with Jacob singing the intro, playing on the keyboard and pointing at the crowd. Several people start yelling, likely because they immediately recognized the song.

Then after a shot of Jacob on stage, the clip shows a look at the massive audience that has come to hear and watch him. It very much looks like a sold-out venue. After a few seconds at the keyboard, Jacob moves onto the piano and continues singing the lyrics. 

The entire time this is going on, the crowd is singing right along with him! 

At about the halfway point in the clip, near the 4:25-minute mark, Jacob moves out near the end of the stage. He starts directing the audience in song, much like a choir director. Jacob and the audience never miss a single note throughout the video.  

It is a fantastic performance of a classic song!

Many posted comments on the video showing the absolutely dazzling rendition of Queen’s song.

“The way he managed to make the crowd sing polyphonically… I wouldn’t have thought this was even remotely possible. Unbelievable,” one person wrote.

“I had the pleasure of being there. The whole concert was beautiful. Had much fun watching everyone perform,” a second person commented on the video. 

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

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