Baby Girl Sees Mom For The First Time After Getting Glasses

Baby Girl Sees Mom For The First Time After Getting Glasses

The simple things in life bring the greatest joy. Especially when you can see with perfect clarity. This sweet baby girl sees her mom for the first time after getting glasses. The video was uploaded to TikTok and then reshared to YouTube under their Trending Viral Videos because of the cuteness overload. 

In the video, Dad is filming the moment his infant daughter is trying on her glasses for the first time. Mom has the baby propped on the couch with pillows, and she leans in to put the glasses on her daughter’s face. 

Then the baby blinks, and she can see her mother’s face clearly. It gives her so much joy, she smiles and coos at her mom. Her mama asks, “Do you like them?” To which her daughter smiles even wider. Can you imagine the joy mom was feeling as her daughter stared back at her? I bet it was overwhelming. 

Other viewers who watched this simple miracle moment couldn’t help but leave a comment. One viewer wrote, “This is the most beautiful video I've seen for a long time. So lovely.” 

Another viewer loved the baby’s smile. She wrote, “I think her smile a little laugh says it all: she likes the glasses and she can see Mom.” I couldn't agree more. Baby smiles and laughs are so precious. 

Another viewer added, “She is like the cutest thing on earth, love her smile.” 

The moment is so touching it will melt your heart. It makes me incredibly grateful for modern medicine. Having three kids who need glasses, I’m thankful they can see the world with near-perfect vision. It also reminds me of how God helps us see him clearly through the Good Book and walking in a relationship with him. 

“He, therefore, answered, Whether he is a sinner, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see,” John 9:25

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