88-Year-Old Uses Walker To Teach Great-Granddaughter To Walk

88-Year-Old Uses Walker To Teach Great-Granddaughter To Walk

Not nearly enough of us get to know our great-grandparents, but meet one 88-year-old great-grandpa who uses his walker to teach his great-granddaughter to walk. This 14-second video is priceless!  

As we age, we don’t get around as well. Achy joints and diminished balance have older folks moving slower and with less confidence. And, of course, that’s just how it is for babies starting to walk. Toddlers are tentative and wobbly. So, this pair is perfect!

Brianna Dukz shared her video on TikTok, grateful that her grandfather has lived long enough to not only meet his great-granddaughter, but to share lots of quality bonding time with her. His name is Jeri, and his sweet pea companion is Ocean.

Ocean is 14 months old. While she has dark hair and Jeri’s grayed a long time ago, both wear  comfy pants and t-shirts as they stroll through the house together behind Jeri’s walker. They navigate around the lounging dog in the small space, moving at a respectable pace. And a small, fluffy pup falls in behind them, but he looks to be bound for the door.  

Ocean may not remember these moments, but she is definitely learning from them. Little ones don’t see wrinkles as sad or scary. They don’t understand that with age and wisdom, there is also sickness and loss. Miss Ocean is just enjoying the love and attention. Look at the big smile she wears while perched on great-granddad’s pajamaed lap! Their 86-year age difference doesn’t matter a bit! Ocean is one happy girl!

Brianna says that Ocean and Jeri have the cutest relationship. Ocean tries to steal Jeri’s snacks and dances in front of him in the den. They share walks, and she plays with the pooches. That’s a sweet way to spend a day!   

Hopefully, Jeri and Ocean will spend many more moments together! Dancing and walking, snacks and dogs—yep, that’s some pretty good stuff! 

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” Proverbs 17:6

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