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'Don’t Believe Them' Lauren Daigle Live Performance

'Don’t Believe Them' Lauren Daigle Live Performance

Listen to this new song titled ‘Don’t Believe Them’ from Lauren Daigle.

“There are two sides to every story, the truth leaves where it don't belong
It’s a tricky line that we're walkin', when we got so many people talkin’
And nobody thinks that they're wrong, how you gonna love someone
If you don't forgive them? How you gonna hear what they say if you never listen?”

This powerful new song from Lauren Daigle discusses the issues in churches in today’s society, like false preaching and being a lukewarm Christian. And the lyrics convict the listener to practice their faith in everything they do. That point is brought home with lyrics like “How you gonna stand up when the world wants you kneelin’? How you gonna live out the words you’re preachin’, if you don’t believe them.”

Lauren Daigle touches on the message of ‘Don’t Believe Them’ in a recent interview.

“‘Don’t Believe Them’ is one of the tracks that when Natalie [and I] sat down, and we penned that chorus, I remember thinking ‘Oh my gosh. This song is full of conviction.’ Often you write for what you think other people will enjoy, but sometimes you just need to write a song for you, and this was one of those moments,” the singer shared

“It was a song that was all about what I need to learn, and what I needed to gain. It’s a song that wrestles with hypocrisy, and I love the opening line ‘there are two sides to every story’ because I think it’s often that we find ourselves picking a side of things and running full steam ahead with that ideology.”

She continued: “When we choose to actually love people with the depths of all we are, then we can see a collage of ideas, and there’s a diversity to it that can be really profound if we open our hearts to it. It’s a song to eradicate animosity and bring unity to the forefront.”

What a powerful message! We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Don’t Believe Them’ from Lauren Daigle today.

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