News Anchor Tries Food on Camera And Instantly Regrets It

News Anchor Tries Food on Camera And Instantly Regrets It

Life will not always go according to plan and be what we hoped or expected. That statement even includes the food we eat. One news anchor in the Midwest learned this lesson the hard way.

A news anchor at Fox4 News in Kansas City, Missouri, tried a piece of food on live TV during a New Year’s Eve preview segment. His face told the entire story. Words were not necessary! He was not a fan of whatever piece of food he popped into his mouth the video plainly shows.

The video begins with the station’s anchor and another man standing behind a table filled with delectable-looking food. The segment previews the food around the Kansas City, Missouri area for New Year’s Eve.

The second man, who is obviously an expert in this field, starts describing the dishes in incredible detail, including the price. The camera then gets extreme close-ups of the delicious-looking plates of food. 

The food and beverage journalist continues to talk about the many dishes on the table. However, at about the 1:20-minute mark, the station’s anchor asks a question he would ultimately regret.

He asks, “Mind if I wolf one down?” He proceeds to grab a piece of food and pops it into his mouth. He only chews the food a couple of times until he stops and his discomfort is very apparent.  

Things go from bad to worse for the newsman, who stands oddly silent and begins slightly turning, almost looking for a way out. At the 1:45-minute mark, the camera gets an extreme close-up of a shrimp dish. But we are still able to see the news anchor walk off-camera. A few seconds later, we hear what sounds like a trash bag, almost as if someone is spitting unwanted food into it.

At the 2-minute mark, the new anchor appears on camera and continues the segment. 

You’ve got to hand it to both men in the segment. They are both pros and finish the food-preview segment.

During live TV, anything can happen, even getting a mouthful of food you don’t enjoy. 

Psalms 126:2 “Then our mouths were full of laughing, and our tongues have a glad cry; they said among the nations, The Lord has done great things for them.”

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