Bride Dusted Off Her Vows At Altar

Bride Dusted Off Her Vows At Altar

All couples have a history, a story about how they ended up at the altar, exchanging sacred vows in front of family, friends and God. For some, it’s going to be simple and straightforward. But for others, it’s a little more complex. The couple in a viral video took a very circuitous route to their “I dos.”

Most people are familiar with the video that shows a bride blowing the dust off her vows. The move leaves her husband-to-be stunned, with a big grin on his face. 

Now, that couple, Byron and Christie, is explaining what happened prior to the hilarious cleaning of the bride’s vows. They originally started dating in 2007, when they were both in their 20s. Soon, though, something big happened that altered the plans for their future.

“My dad passed. Yeah, unexpectedly and that was really, really tough on us because my dad was a pretty important person in my life and in Christie’s life.” Byron says in the video

The couple delayed getting married because of advice Byron got from his father.

“My dad always wanted me to go back to grad school and follow my career in architecture,” Byron stated in the video. “And I kind of put that on the back burner because I really wasn’t sure where I wanted to be. Another thing he also said is that ‘if you get married make sure you can support your wife and family.”’

Then in 2016, Byron had an opportunity to go back to school, grad school. Christie, after talking about it, was on board.

“But I knew it was very important for him, personally, to achieve his dreams. So, I was trying to be as supportive as I could,” Christie said. 

After getting his grad school degree, Byron got to work as an architect in 2019. 

Next, Byron finally popped the question on the campus of Clemson University. After being together for 15 years, they finally tied the knot!

As far as the viral video of Christie’s hilarious move goes, Byron hopes it displays the power and strength of love.

“Being together for so long, one of the things that strengthens us together is that we laugh and joke all the time,” Byron said. “Laughter is key to our relationship and hopefully that video is a testament to, to what love can do. And love can conquer all, even time. And hopefully, it brings a smile and joy to other people’s faces as they watch it.”

1 John 4:7 “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and everyone that loves is born of God, and knows God.”

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