Tim Conway As Old Sheriff Battles Robbery Suspect In Hilarious Skit

Tim Conway As Old Sheriff Battles Robbery Suspect In Hilarious Skit

The incomparable Tim Conway, as an old sheriff, who moves and reacts with the speed of molasses, goes up against a bank robbery suspect in a hilarious skit.

During its run on TV, The Carol Burnett Show produced hundreds of classic sketches that featured its legendary cast in bizarre, zany and laugh-out-loud situations. Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman never failed to cause the audience and those watching to laugh hysterically. Often, they couldn’t even make it through a sketch without breaking out into laughter themselves.

In yet another classic skit from The Carol Burnett Show, Harvey plays a mean, nasty and gruff character who has just robbed a bank in the Wild West. He enters the saloon, and everyone is immediately on edge.

Seconds later, Tim Conway, the town’s ancient sheriff, enters, or crawls, into the establishment. He sits next to the bank robbery suspect and starts a friendly poker game. However, before the game can get underway, the sheriff explains the rules and then constructs the tiniest, most pathetic-looking cigarette ever.

Harvey, who sits right next to Tim, can’t help but break out into laughter. Somehow, at least for the time, Tim manages to keep things together. But as soon as he turns to look at Harvey and asks for a light, a noticeable smirk comes over his face. 

Their game doesn’t get far before the sheriff learns about his fellow poker player’s dastardly deed. The two men on opposing sides of the law find themselves in a tense standoff. Harvey draws his gun, but Tim has a much more difficult time finding and drawing his weapon.

Luckily, things end on a positive note for the townspeople. Harvey’s character is subdued, and the sheriff manages to get his weapon out of its holster. He fires his gun and the bullet hits everything but its intended target.

Proverbs 15:15 “All the days of the troubled are evil; but he whose heart is glad has an unending feast.”

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