7-Year-Old Sings Patsy Cline Classic ‘Crazy’

7-Year-Old Sings Patsy Cline Classic ‘Crazy’

A child turned in an excellent performance of a beloved tune from an iconic vocalist.

Some songs are so universally loved that people recognize the tune within the first few notes. Even decades after her death, most people, when they hear the name Patsy Cline, will immediately think of one classic track: “Crazy.”

“Crazy” is a song most of the population will spot from its opening notes. Due to its heavy use in commercials, TV shows and movies, even members of the younger generation will likely have a passing familiarity with the tune. 

One young lady, a member of that younger crowd, gave an absolutely thrilling performance of Patsy's enduring hit from the 1960s. In a video posted to YouTube, 7-year-old Evan Riley takes a stab at “Crazy.”

The video shows Evan standing in what appears and sounds to be a restaurant of some sort. Several empty black chairs and a man manipulating a soft drink machine are behind her. 

The child’s vocal performance is stunning. It’s fascinating and astonishing how much she sounds like Patsy Cline. Even at the young age of 7 years old, Evan has Patsy’s recognizable sound nearly nailed.

In addition to her ability to mimic Patsy’s sound, the young woman has a stage presence that is impressive. There is no instance in the 2-and-a-half-minute clip when Evan appears rattled or nervous even a little bit. This young woman is confident in herself and her awe-inspiring voice.

Before the clip ends, the crowd shows young Evan their appreciation by giving her a hearty round of applause with a few hoots and hollers thrown in as well.

To perform such an iconic song at that level at only 7 years old is frankly outstanding! Evan has been truly blessed with a ton of God-given musical ability.

Psalms 71:23 “My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul, which you have redeemed.” 

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