81-Year-Old Stuns Nursing Home With 'Unchained Melody' Performance

81-Year-Old Stuns Nursing Home With 'Unchained Melody' Performance

You have to check out this video of an 81-year-old who stuns the members of a nursing home with his incredible performance of ‘Unchained Melody’ by The Righteous Brothers.

Dave Williams was at an event at Park View Nursing Home in Liverpool, England, when he blew everyone away with his stellar performance.

“Yesterday we held a Picnic Party at our home to collect food for South Liverpool Food Bank,” reads the caption in this TikTok video. “Dave, 81, asked if he could sing a song. We were not expecting this!”

Guests were enjoying a song from local vocalist Toni Nesbitt, when Dave stepped in and took over the song in a grand way. Everyone was in awe! What energy and passion Dave put into his performance, and you can really tell how much he loves to sing.

“When I got up, my daughter was begging me to sit back down, but I’m glad I didn’t!” shared Dave. “One of the audience was a patient with dementia - after my performance, I saw her singing the song to herself, which was brilliant.”

This 81-year-old worked for the NHS for 45 years, and he also had a singing career – in a band and as a solo artist. In fact, Dave even performed with The Beatles when he was younger, three separate times!

“It was all surreal and something I will never ever forget,” Dave said of that time in his life. I’ve been lucky to have these experiences!”

Jodie Solaiman, who is the Wellbeing Coordinator at Park View Nursing Home, shared how people in the room reacted after seeing Dave’s wonderful performance.

“Words can’t explain how we all felt after his performance. Dave has lived an incredible life, to say the least. He has said he would love to perform for us again!” Jodie said.

Way to go, Dave! And how amazing it is to see the happiness that singing brings him and the joy that it also gives to others. 

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