The Petersens Perform Toe-Tapping Bluegrass Tune 'Wrong Side Of Tomorrow'

The Petersens Perform Toe-Tapping Bluegrass Tune 'Wrong Side Of Tomorrow'

The incredibly talented group of musicians, The Petersens, turned in a toe-tapping performance of an original bluegrass tune, “Wrong Side of Tomorrow.”

Who doesn’t want to do or be better tomorrow than they are today? Everybody alive wants to wake up in a better position, whatever that may look like, tomorrow than they did the previous day. But there is a big difference between wanting something and doing something. 

Anyone can dream about achieving or being something. However, making a dream a reality takes time, effort and work. Sadly, most people who are on the path to making their dreams a reality become too easily discouraged. One little bump in the road is enough to derail most individuals. 

But then there are other times, even when we genuinely want to and work toward changing our ways, when we continually fail. We may ask ourselves the following questions: At what point will I actually change my ways and get my life on the right track? 

In a clip posted on YouTube, the Petersens sing an incredibly catchy tune about this very situation. “Wrong Side of Tomorrow” is about a man who desperately wants to change his ways but, despite his desires, knows that he will not. At what point will the man change his direction? The lyrics ask how far he must fall before he does something about his life course.

The lyrics to “Wrong Side of Tomorrow” are somewhat like what Paul wrote to the Romans in Romans chapter 7, the section where he writes about doing what he does not want to do. Paul wanted to change his ways and hated what he was doing, but he continued doing it.

Human beings are fallen creatures who cannot change themselves. We can change and turn away from our old ways only because of God’s love, mercy, grace and forgiveness.

Romans 7:15 “And I have no clear knowledge of what I am doing, for that which I have a mind to do, I do not, but what I have hate for, that I do.”

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