Sisters’ Harmonious Rendition of “Dreams” by The Cranberries

Sisters’ Harmonious Rendition of “Dreams” by The Cranberries

The Woodgies bring sister harmonies to new heights with their rendition of “Dreams” by The Cranberries. Seated and singing from a church pew, the beauties sound like angels! 

Hannah Leah and Meghan Woodger, the duo known as The Woodgies, were born in Ireland and have been raised in Geneva, Switzerland. After posting their first single, “Holding Hands,” on YouTube in 2021, the pair was noticed and signed by a record label within days! They released their first album on October 1, 2021, under the Swiss label Escudero Records. In addition, the sisters were winners of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s Swiss Rising Talent contest. They have “exploded” onto the Swiss music scene!  

Regularly performing in Switzerland, France, and in the pubs of Ireland, the Pop-Folk duo’s music and voices have been described as: enchanting and bewitching, melodic and melancholic, hopeful, delicate, soothing, and authentic. That’s high praise for two sisters who entered the music business just three years ago. Indeed, their version of “Dreams” encompasses a bit of each. 

Hashtagged “acoustic covers” and “natural reverb,” their voices bounce and blend beautifully inside the walls of the stained-glass-windowed church. Not only are they performing without any electronic instruments (hence, acoustic), but they are also singing a cappella. 

Hannah Leah and Meghan note on their Instagram post that the Irish rock band, the Cranberries is one of their favorite bands. “Dreams,” first released in September of 1992, was the debut single of the band. 

Here are four lines from the first chorus of the hit song:

Because it came from you

Then I open up and see

The person falling here is me

A different way to be

The Woodgies find inspiration from Simon & Garfunkel, First Aid Kit, and Tom Rosenthal. Their website notes that the music “welcomes listeners into a journey through life’s trials and tribulations as seen through a young person’s eyes.”

The Woodgies are the ones to watch. Abundantly blessed with heavenly voices, Hannah Leah and Meghan are surely blessing their fans with their songs!   

“Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.” Psalms 96:2

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