Scared Golden Retriever Blossoms Into Loving Guardian for Little Ones

Scared Golden Retriever Blossoms Into Loving Guardian for Little Ones

A dog seemingly scared of its own shadow blossomed into a loving,  patient and caring guardian, helping provide care for little children.

Dogs are loyal, lovable and caring creatures. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows they all come with their own unique personalities. Like people, their likes and dislikes all vary from canine to canine. Some may enjoy engaging in a spirited game of fetch, while other dogs may prefer a more sedentary, less active lifestyle. 

Similar to their likes and dislikes, a dog’s fears are also dramatically dependent on the dog. Their past experiences will also heavily influence what scares and frightens them. A clip posted on YouTube shows a golden retriever, Winnie, who was essentially afraid of everything. Footage shows the animal cowering behind a trash can at a park and refusing to engage and interact with other canines at a dog park.

Nearly everything frightened Winnie, but then something surprising happened!

After Winnie’s owner gave birth, the golden retriever became a loving and caring caretaker. Winnie treated the baby with love and tenderness. Additionally, Winnie kept an eye on anyone who interacted with the child, often standing next to that person.

Then when Winnie’s owners opened an in-home day care, Winnie was not frightened in the slightest by the children. Instead, the dog became a staff member. Winnie would carry over diapers and bottles. She played with the children, looked after the kids and even took naps with them. 

The woman narrating the clip states that the day care has also helped Winnie in unexpected ways.

“Winnie has a heart condition that limits her exercise,” The woman states. “Day care has been so special for us because it’s the first thing that we noticed that has made Winnie happy while allowing her just to stay calm and be herself.”

What a beautiful tale of an anxious dog who found its purpose, blossoming into a loving, caring and sweet caretaker.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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