Loving Daughter Gives Mother A Kidney And Part Of Her Liver

Loving Daughter Gives Mother A Kidney And Part Of Her Liver

One woman stepped up in a big way, helping her sick mother not once but twice by giving her a kidney and part of her liver.

Unfortunately, bad things do happen in this life. All will experience struggles, heartaches and other painful situations. But as awful as it may be to experience a sickness or a disease firsthand, there is still likely a worse, more gut-wrenching scenario. 

No one wants to see a loved one suffer. In that situation, all we want to do is to ease the pain and suffering. Most people would go to incredible lengths to accomplish this, including switching places with them and literally giving a part of ourselves to them. One woman, Eileen Harlin, did just that for her mother.

A clip posted on YouTube explains that a few years ago Julia Harlin started experiencing liver failure that was caused by nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Before her diagnosis, Julia went from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong. She added that her liver was “not processing anything correctly.”

Against her mother’s wishes, Eileen got tested and found that she was a match for her mother. 

“It was emotional, for sure, but I was in my head, I was doing it,” Eileen said.

The liver transplant was a success. But following the liver transplant, Julia encountered another frightening health scare. She learned that she was in dire need of a kidney. 

Again, Eileen underwent testing and learned that she was a kidney match for her mother as well. Eileen went under the knife again to help save her mother’s life. The surgery was a success.

“I know my mom, and I know how much she wants to live another 20-something years to see all her grandchildren get married and graduate and everything like that,” Eileen said. “And I know she would do it for me.”

What a beautiful example of love and sacrifice!

1 Corinthians 16:14 “Let all you do be done in love.”

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