Jeanne Robertson Delivers The Laughs With Hysterical Beauty Pageant Tale

Jeanne Robertson Delivers The Laughs With Hysterical Beauty Pageant Tale

Jeanne Robertson was an American humorist, motivational speaker, athlete, teacher, YouTube personality, and Miss North Carolina from 1963. She sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 77, but her humor and videos live on.

In this YouTube video, we get to hear a funny story about the time she was an MC at a small-town beauty pageant in Alabama. One of the young contestants happened to be from Long Island or a city close to it. And she had a pretty thick accent.

Jeanne gives the audience an example, and then talks about how the young contestant was concerned the audience would laugh at her because of it. Jeanne says that she told her, “I hadn’t noticed it,” and the audience burst into laughter.

The girl’s talent was going to be tap dancing like the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, which would come up later in her story. Jeanne tells us about Elmo, the man who ran the audio, which at the time meant he had to change out the records based on each contestant.

She talks about how the audience didn’t laugh at the girl when she came out and talked about herself for the first time. 

Then she goes on to talk about a few of the other contestants and what they did for their talents. One jumped on a trampoline, another lifted weights to classical music, and a third packed a suitcase. And still, the audience did not lose it. 

It was time for the Northern girl to start her talent, tap dancing. Only, when the music started playing Elmo had it on the wrong setting and it was set at a very fast tempo. The girl went with it and started tap dancing very fast.

However, when Elmo tried to fix his mistake, the tempo became very slow and the girl started dancing slowly to match it. Then, the record got stuck and kept repeating itself with the lyric, “warm.” The girl just went with it and the audience started doing it along with her.

Jeanne made the audience laugh once again by acting out the dancing. 

Jeanne has a way of telling a story. She is engaging and makes the audience laugh, no matter what she seems to be talking about. 

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD has done great things for them.” - Psalm 126:2

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