Singer Shows Christ-like Love To Struggling Mother Of 5

Singer Shows Christ-like Love To Struggling Mother Of 5

Musician and Youtuber Liv Swearingen got emotional and teared up recalling how God allowed her to encounter a struggling mother of five and show the love of Christ to her.

Sadly, many people are hurting and struggling in the world today. They are looking for even the smallest amount of hope or kindness, something that will show them that things can and will get better. Unfortunately, those individuals are everywhere and are all around us. They could be a neighbor, coworker, family member or close friend.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Liv stated how God used her stomach and a craving she had to send her to the grocery store to help someone in need. After picking up the lone ingredient – potatoes – a woman and her daughter approached Liv, asking if she was a YouTuber.  

The woman and Liv got to talking. Eventually, the woman mentioned she and her five children have been enduring a tough time lately. Text in the video reads that the family was about to be evicted from their home. 

Liv then offered to help the woman and her family out and offered to pay for her groceries.

“I just felt the Holy Spirit be, like, ‘Do this.’” Liv said.

Liv adds that they took a photo together and states, with tears rolling down her face, how helping and showing love to others is a requirement for Christians.

“Anyways, Jesus calls us to love,” Liv said. “It is our obligation to help each other.”

Again, people are hurting and struggling everywhere. The mission field is all around us. Wherever we go and whoever we meet is an opportunity to show Christ’s love. That kindness may make a monumental difference in someone’s life. That could be the reason an unbeliever comes to know Christ, all because of our kindness and obedience. 

Galatians 5:13 “Because you, brothers, were marked out to be free; only do not make use of your free condition to give the flesh its chance, but through love be servants one to another.”

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