Husband And Wife Create Free ‘Blockbuster’ Filled With Movies, Books and Candy

Husband And Wife Create Free ‘Blockbuster’ Filled With Movies, Books and Candy

A woman and her husband went above and beyond, using hard work and creativity, to bring their neighborhood entertainment and sweet treats, all free of charge.

Before every television network and entertainment company had a streaming platform, video rental stores were plentiful. Every couple of blocks or so, there was a place where people could stop and pick up the latest chick flick, crime drama or buddy comedy. But after the popularity of Netflix, all of that went away. 

However, as a video posted on TikTok shows, that may not be entirely true. One woman and her husband have brought back the video store for her neighborhood but in a much smaller and free-of-charge way, according to Sunny Skyz.

The short, 1-minute clip shows off a small structure, painted to look like what was once the most popular video rental chain, Blockbuster. The outside is painted blue and yellow, with the Blockbuster logo painted perfectly on either side of the container. At the front of the structure, there is even a sticker to remind people to “be kind, rewind.” 

But that’s not all. After getting a gander at the exterior of the cute community Blockbuster, viewers get a tour of the inside. The free neighborhood entertainment pantry is stocked full of a wide collection of books, delicious, sweet treats and DVDs.

As the woman admits, she hopes those who take advantage of the free entertainment pantry will return the items. But if not, she’s not too concerned.

“Each of the DVDs has some labeling so that people know that it’s ours, to bring it back here,” she said. “But if they don’t, it’s no big deal.”

What a cute and cool idea! Who wouldn’t love to live in a neighborhood with someone so creative, generous and kind? 

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