Child's Adorable Speech Highlights Benefits of Reading

Child's Adorable Speech Highlights Benefits of Reading

A child’s adorable speech highlights how he has benefited from reading and encourages others to participate in the activity.

Regardless of whether someone is still in the classroom or not, everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner. It’s not possible to have too much knowledge and wisdom. One can’t become too knowledgeable on a subject. There is always more to learn and experience to get.

Of course, one of the best ways to obtain knowledge and increase wisdom is through reading. Think about it: most of the time, people who want to learn more about a subject turn to Google to read articles on that topic. Some people may even visit their local library to check out books. Reading, as it has been said repeatedly, is fundamental. 

Not only will reading will supply you with more knowledge but there are other added benefits to reading an actual book. In a clip posted on Instagram, one terribly cute young man delivers a speech to a roomful of adults about reading. His speech, vocabulary and delivery far exceed his young age, and he perfectly explains why that is the case.

“I personally read every day and absolutely love the adventure of reading,” the little man says to the adults in the room.

He adds how reading every single day has benefited him.

“I will stand before you and speak with confidence and not be afraid,” he says. “Reading every day has made me smarter. Reading has also strengthened my vocabulary and language skills, allowing me to pronounce new and big words without even thinking about it. Reading has incredibly enriched my long-term memory.”

This adorable young man, who is already reaping the benefits of a reading habit, has a bright future. He understands what reading can and will do for those who decide to get into the practice of reading.

Proverbs 18:15  “The heart of the man of good sense gets knowledge; the ear of the wise is searching for knowledge.”

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