Comedian Hilariously Explains How Getting Out Of Bed Changes with Age

Comedian Hilariously Explains How Getting Out Of Bed Changes with Age

Comedian Mike Jones hilariously and correctly explains how getting out of bed in the morning does change with age.

Aging is hardly ever a fun process. No one over 25 or 30 wants to get any older. They never sit, wait, and anticipate turning 40, 50, 60 or 70. If they had their choice, they would turn back the clock and get younger. Everyone would love to have that ability.

Unfortunately, no one has yet found a way to rewind or even pause time. Instead, time keeps slowly moving forward, stopping for no one, doing so as it has since creation. Since aging happens to everyone and is something we can’t change or stop, we should have fun with it. That is precisely what comedian Mike Jones did when he highlighted how something as simple as getting out of bed changes through the years and becomes increasingly more difficult.

In a hysterical clip posted on social media, Mike states that getting out of bed was a piece of cake and something we did without even thinking about it. 

“When you was young, you could wake up late, get out of bed. Boom,” Mike said. “Yeah, you remember when you were 20. You could wake up late for work, jump in your clothes. Got to go. Wee! Out the door.”

But when you hit your 50s, things start changing dramatically. 

“In your 50s, you get out of bed in sections,” he said. 

He described the process of getting out of bed for someone in their 50s. 

“You got to sit in the bed for 30 seconds and let the blood circulate down,” he said. “Then you turn and put your feet on the floor another 30 seconds to let it go flow down to your knees and ankles.”

Mike adds that the final stage of the process involves standing out of bed and moving your hip backward to create momentum to propel yourself forward. 

Job 12:12 “Old men have wisdom, and a long life gives knowledge.”

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