Christian Couple Chilling 'Breathe' Duet

Christian Couple Chilling 'Breathe' Duet

Listen to this beautiful duet of the song ‘Breathe’ from a talented Christian couple, Caleb + Kelsey.

‘This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe

Your holy presence living in me

This is my daily bread, this is my daily bread

Your very word spoken to me’

The couple is sitting in pews in a church singing this wonderful worship song together, and their vocals and harmonies sound incredible. The song ‘Breathe,’ made popular by Michael W. Smith, talks about needing God’s presence and grace in our lives, just like we need air in our lungs. Caleb + Kelsey’s song performance really brought out the message that the lyrics convey.

Caleb and Kelsey Grimm are the husband-and-wife duo known as Caleb + Kelsey. They are known for their original arrangements of modern worship songs, Christian hymns, and duets of some of the most popular love songs. They are from Nashville, TN, and have several #1 selling albums. And their fan base online just keeps on growing!

“I loved this song in the 90s, and I love it again, thanks to you guys! I love everything you both do!” shares one fan on YouTube after watching their ‘Breathe’ music video.

As for the history of the song ‘Breathe,’ it was written by Marie and John Barnett during a spontaneous moment of worship at their church.

"We had been singing ‘Isn’t He’ by John Wimber," Marie Barnett shared, "and my husband continued to play. I was so enthralled with Jesus at that moment, thinking I could never live, I could never even take a breath, if I didn’t have a word from Him every day. And I heard those words—‘This is the air I breathe. This is my daily bread’—and I started singing them." And before she knew it, the congregation had joined her in singing those words.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to Caleb + Kelsey’s cover of ‘Breathe’ today! 

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