Spiritual Transformation of the Soul

Being a partaker of the Divine Nature of Jesus Christ is a daily reality for those who trust in God by the New Covenant. In this teaching video Apostle JoAnne expounds from Psalm 16 and reveals how the soul is preserved and cleansed from the stain of sin for the experience of deliverance and regeneration, to be beautified with the fruits of the Son of God. Not all spiritual experiences are authored by God, and in this message Apostle JoAnne identifies the gospels that produce GRACE RESISTERS and SATANIC SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES that mi%#!%$ God, while also specifically identifying the fruits that bear witness to the true spiritual experiences authored by Jesus Christ. TRUE SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION is only by the Faithful Witness, as we actively particpate with HIS POWER OF GRACE and the DIVINE CONTACT POINTS/TOOLS through the New Covenant priesthood, the priesthood that is after the Order of Melchizedec. If you want a powerful function for your faith to experience a transformation to your soul and growth that is lasting and joyous, then you will enjoy this video preaching. The Great Transition. Its happening now as the apostles of Christ restore the original gospel to the Church. www.apostles-center.com

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