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Lifewater Canada is a registered, non-profit humanitarian organization (charitable number: 885420737RR0001).

Our Strategy is simple: Volunteers train & equip African crews; Crews Drill Wells & build Washrooms; Donors help villages afford these necessities.

We are actively working in Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti and in Zambia

About Me:

Lifewater Canada exists because 1 billion people do not have enough safe drinking water and millions of people have no access to a washroom.

Because we are volunteers working from home, our overhead is less than 5% so your donation will go to those in need overseas. If you have any doubt about the true value of our 7 phase approach, then why not read what the villagers have to say in Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya.

Making a Donation or Sponsoring a well / washroom project couldn't be easier.

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