Groom Makes Hilarious Flub During Wedding Vows In Classic Viral Video

Groom Makes Hilarious Flub During Wedding Vows In Classic Viral Video

Watch this classic viral video and listen to this hilarious flub that a groom makes on his wedding day while saying his vows. It’ll have you smiling from ear to ear!

When Andrew said his vows, he nervously blurted the funniest thing to his bride, Melissa. And her joyful reaction is syrupy sweet!

“The wedding vows…” reads the text on the screen at the start of this wedding clip. “Elegant, beautiful, solemn…and every once in a while…”

Then the groom is seen placing the ring on his bride’s finger. While that is happening, the officiant asks Andrew to repeat after him.

The vows are off to a good start. But then Andrew just slips up a little bit on one of the words. And it makes for a hilarious blunder!

“…to be my wafflely, lawfully…and pancaky.” Andrew knows that there is no coming back from his silly mess up, so he just starts making a joke about it.

And Melissa finds it hysterical! She starts to laugh and then erupts into more laughter! She has to take a minute to compose herself in order to continue on with the vows. What a funny moment that these two will always cherish and have to make them smile when they look back on it.

“Her laugh is so contagious. She's so adorable,” comments someone on YouTube after watching the video. “I hope and pray they have a blissful marriage. What a way to start a lifetime journey together.”

“This couple is perfect for each other,” writes another person online. “She is laughing hysterically and even making a joke out of it. He is supporting his wife without being embarrassed about her hysterical laugh. So cute.”

What a joyful way to start a marriage. God bless these two and may they always find laughter and happiness in each other’s presence.

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