'Where's The Line To See Jesus' Touching Christmas Song From Becky Kelley

'Where's The Line To See Jesus' Touching Christmas Song From Becky Kelley

Listen to this touching Christmas song called ‘Where’s The Line To See Jesus’ from Becky Kelley.

“Christmas time was approaching, the snow was starting to fall,
Shoppers choosing their presents, people filling the mall,
Children waiting for Santa with excitement and glee,
A little boy tugged my sweater, looked up and asked me,
Where's the line to see Jesus? Is He here at the store?
If Christmas time is His birthday, why don't we see Him more?”

This song is such an amazing reminder of what the Christmas season is all about. And as you watch the music video and see Becky Kelley singing while walking around the mall, you will be inspired when you hear the true story that inspired the making of this song.

Becky’s nephew, Spencer, was four years old at the time when he was in the mall with his mother and saw the kids lined up to see Santa Claus. He was taught that Christmas was the holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so he asked his mom, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?”

Later, Becky’s sister told her father, Steve Haupt, what Spencer had said and that inspired him to write down some words for a song in just a few minutes. He did a quick recording of his song, and after getting a great response from his family and friends, he asked his daughter, Becky, if she would use her beautiful voice to record it.

Becky made a few changes to the lyrics and then went to a studio to record the amazing song. After that, her cousins filmed the music video two weeks before Christmas, and the video quickly gained over a million views on YouTube!

What an incredible collaboration that started with a profound truth from the mouth of a young boy. The song 'Where's The Line To See Jesus' helps us all remember the true meaning of Christmas and the real reason why we celebrate this holiday.

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