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Quick-Thinking Man Saves Texting Woman From Being Hit By A Car

Quick-Thinking Man Saves Texting Woman From Being Hit By A Car

Thanks to this quick-thinking man, one distracted woman was saved from being hit by a car.

We have all seen it before. People out and about walking with their heads looking down at their phones. Both the young and the old can be seen doing it – playing games, texting, or posting on social media when they are walking around in crowds or about to cross a busy intersection.

This can leave them vulnerable to their surroundings when they are not paying attention. That is exactly what happened in this interaction that was caught on video by a parked car’s dash cam.

The woman can be seen with her face down and headphones on as she is about to cross the street in downtown Cincinnati. Without looking up before crossing the street, she heads straight into oncoming traffic. That’s where 25-year-old Chris Allen steps in.

“I was trying to wave to her,” Chris says. “She couldn’t hear me obviously, so I ran out and just kind of pulled her back. After all that happened, she was kind of in shock.”

Thankfully, God had Chris in the right place at the right time! Because of his quick moves, he was able to steer the woman away from the oncoming car. If he had not been there, it could have turned into a pretty scary accident.

After her initial shock, the woman thanked Chris profusely before the two parted ways and went about their day.

Let this be a reminder to you and your loved ones: remember to put your phone away when walking around. Distracted walkers seem to be everywhere, and they are putting themselves and others in danger.

Just listen to the sensible advice that Chris shared after saving that woman. “Stay off your phone when walking,” he says. “Your safety is everything.”