Dying Man Records His Final Words About God

Dying Man Records His Final Words About God

In a video made right before he passed, a dying man records his final words about God and his love for Him.

Steve Schultz, the man in this video, was diagnosed with cancer. For the last five weeks of his life, he had been hospitalized. During his last week here on Earth, doctors quit trying to treat his cancer and sent him home with pain medication to enjoy his final days being surrounded by his family.

“If the Lord decided to take me within a soon amount of time, it’ll be important to not blame God for the struggling that maybe you’ve seen me go through. I don’t want that. This isn’t God’s will,” Steve says while laying down and looking into a camera.

He continues talking about the love of God and how amazing He is. “God is love. His very essence is love. His very essence. It’s who He is…is love. I just ask that you wouldn’t blame God for any of this. God doesn’t tempt any man, but He’s good. He’s a good God.”

Steve then goes on to talk about God’s plan and how he wants to submit to the Lord’s ways, not his own. “God has a plan that’s much bigger than my plan,” he explains. “And I raise my hands and I say, ‘Whatever your will is Lord.’ That’s what we want to do.“

As Steve talks about his life, he shares that he has a new appreciation for it. “Just the blessing that it is,” he says.

In his fragile state, Steve also imparts some Biblical wisdom to the camera. “Build up friends around you. It’s so important. Bible says that there’s safety in the multitude of counselors and that’s where we need to be, having those counselors that can help us when they see us slipping up. It’s important.”

Steve was just 47 years old when he died, but he lived a full life chasing after God. “Walk after, hard after the Lord. He’s good. He’s awesome,” Steve says at the end of this video. May we listen to his words and seek to do that with each day that the good Lord gives us!