6 Sisters Sing Original Song 'Believe In You'

6 Sisters Sing Original Song 'Believe In You'

The talented sisters of Cimorelli share a touching, original song titled ‘Believe In You.’ This inspiring tune reminds us all to never give up on ourselves even in the face of difficulties.

“But I see your flaws
I see your pain
And I see past all of it
I see your strength hidden within
Know you can rise out of this
You can do everything they said you couldn't do
Don't give up on yourself
I believe in you.”

Cimorelli is comprised of Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. These six sisters range in age from 18-28, but they all possess an incredible gift for performing. They have been performing together as a band for over 10 years and they are known for the many popular songs that they cover on their YouTube channel.

Today, they are sharing the powerful video for their single ‘Believe In You.’ The video features a young girl held to impossibly high standards by her family and society.

As she struggles with self-doubt, she has a break through and realizes that she can overcome anything with positivity and belief in herself.

“I see a survivor, a fighter,
You're so worthy of love (More than enough)
You've got too much to give
Please don't give up on yourself”

On their Instagram, the band posted about the incredible, new song. “We wanted to make an impact with this video and we hope it touches your heart and inspires you! We wanted to tell you guys how much we believe in you and your dreams!!”

What a beautiful message from these talented sisters!

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