'Good And Loved' Travis Greene Live Performance

'Good And Loved' Travis Greene Live Performance

Grammy-nominated artist Travis Greene teams up with fellow Christian artist Doe for an incredible rendition of ‘Good And Loved.’

This worship song reminds us all that we are loved by God no matter our sins.

“I am Good and you are Loved
So no matter what comes or goes
One thing that you must know
I am Good and your are Loved”

Travis Greene is a talented singer, songwriter and pastor. Over the years, he’s given us beautiful worship songs such as ‘You Waited’ and ‘Made A Way.’

Today, he is sharing the stage with Doe Jones, a talented artist known for singing with her family in foreverJONES. Just listen as they sit together and belt out these words of praise and thanks.

“They’ll be times when you’re up
Times when you’re down
I’m never too far
Just look around and you’ll find Me
I’m by your side, arms open wide
I am Good and you are Loved”

When speaking about the message behind the song, Travis said wrote on Instagram, “You are loved, despite of it all YOU are LOVED! God loves you and he is always protecting you.” These words are so true.

No matter the mistakes we may make, God is always there to welcome us back home. Put your worries and trust in Him and God will always guide you towards to the light. ‘Good And Loved’ is the perfect way to give praise to His Name.

Who else is joining along with this talented ensemble?

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