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Gospel-Singing Police Officer Belts Out 'The Best Of Me'

Gospel-Singing Police Officer Belts Out 'The Best Of Me'

A Richmond police officer is going viral after sharing his inspiration rendition of ‘The Best Of Me’ from Marvin Sapp.

Mervin Mayo never expected a clip of him rehearsing a worship song to propel him to national fame. But that’s exactly what happened when he recorded himself singing ‘The Best Of Me’ before a performance at church on Sunday.

“Said He saw the best in me
When everyone else around me
Could only see the worst in me
Can I tell you one more time, one more time
I said He saw the best in me”

Officer Mayo has worked with the Richmond Police Department for over 15 years. But he always has a heart for music. “I know this sounds cliché, but I am music. When I think of music, I am music. Yes, I’m a police officer, but I’m music,” he told CBS 6. “When I’m on this piano and singing, nothing else matters.”

Officer Mayo often posts videos of him performing on his social media, so this clip was nothing out of the ordinary. But when he awoke the next day, the video had racked up thousands of views overnight.

Now, his inspirational performance has garnered over a million views and growing. But despite his newfound attention, Officer Mayo wants to make sure that the true message of the music comes through. “It really doesn't matter what you're going through. The song says, "God sees the best in you.”

Can I get an amen for this gospel-singing police officer?

When everyone else around could only see my failures, God saw the best in Me... it doesn't matter what I did, because God sees me for who I am.... He knows MY heart..

Posted by Mervin Mayo on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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