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Country Crooner Sings 'Don't That Sound Like Heaven' At Church

Country Crooner Sings 'Don't That Sound Like Heaven' At Church

A country crooner sings a powerful version of ‘Don’t That Sound Like Heaven’ at church and encourages his whole congregation.

"Now don't that sound like heaven?
Don't that sound like home?
Where the Son of God is reigning
and those tears are finally gone,
Now don't that sound like heaven?
Don't that sound like home?
Darkness there is overtaken by
the light that's always on."

The two singers in the video are Tommy Fraizer and Paula Messer. They performed this song at Parkway Baptist Church, and they sounded so beautiful together while singing the harmonies during the chorus.

The congregation was loving their performance of ‘Don’t That Sound Like Heaven’ by the way they were clapping their hands and shouting Amen while Tommy and Paula were singing. The song clearly touched the people in church that day, and I’m sure they appreciated Tommy and Paula sharing their talents with them.

The song is an emotional one, and it talks about what heaven might be like for us one day. The lyrics talk about how there will be no more earthly struggles, and how our souls will be set free. Then the song goes on to paint a picture of deaf people hearing, blind people seeing, and crippled people dancing once they get to heaven.

The next verse is also an emotional one and Tommy started to choke up while singing the words. The lyrics talk about unborn babies playing in heaven with smiles on their faces, saying “My daddy, He’s the King.” What a beautiful sight that will be to behold!

The song ‘Don't That Sound Like Heaven’ was from the 2011 album release, 'Grace,' by the group Palmetto State. The writer of the song was Terry Evans, and he wrote this song after his son was murdered. But the hope that Terry finds in this tragedy is that he will one day be reunited with his son.

‘Don't That Sound Like Heaven’ is a beautiful song, and it is wonderful to see these singers use their talents to glorify God and encourage those around them!