Mother Dances With Sick Son In Case He Doesn't Make It To His Wedding Day

Mother Dances With Sick Son In Case He Doesn't Make It To His Wedding Day

In this touching video, a mother dances with her sick son to make a memory with him in case he doesn’t make it to his wedding day.

While Samantha Duran was still pregnant, her baby boy, Maddox was diagnosed with spina bifida. And even though he’s only two years old now, Maddox has already had 16 surgeries because of his illness. Last year, doctors found a cyst on Maddox’s spine, and this news made Samantha and her husband realize that their son’s time with them may be short. That’s when they started to make every moment count and cherish each memory together.

“He’s been having these choking episodes which are typically neurological related for him,” Samantha shares. “They predicted that it could herniate or compress his brain stem and be a life ending event, and naturally we were beside ourselves. And we started making all the memories that we could.”

That’s one reason this video was recorded. With Samantha fearing that she would never have the chance to dance with her son on his wedding day, she and Maddox got dressed up to share a special dance together now.

“At the beginning I was just giving him some kisses on his head, and it sounds weird, but I was smelling him. I was just soaking in everything that that moment was,” explains Samantha. “But then about halfway through, I turned my head to the right and that’s when you can see that I’m trying so hard at that moment not to lose it, because that’s when it hit me exactly what we were doing…It was just something that escalated into something that I just never imagined. I was doing it to have just one special moment like this with my baby boy to keep forever.”

What a beautiful memory, one that this mother will always cherish. May God be near this family during this difficult time and surround them with peace and love.

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